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3 Best Practices for Behavioral AI Adoption & We Tick them All

20.1% Increase in Revenue with Behavioral AI

Bringing Call Routing AI to the Contact Center for Real Results

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20.1% Increase in Revenue with Behavioral AI

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1459256 conversations analyzed to date

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Gartner includes the Behavioral Profile Pairing case-study in their June’20 report 3 Best Practices for Product Managers to Drive Adoption of Emotion AI Technology. Get the report >

Align your applications with the future by adding emotional intelligence to the mix. Emotion AI for Voice is here!

Bring our ground-breaking patented emotion recognition & behavioral signals deep learning AI technology into your development cycle. Whether it’s for a virtual assistant on a mobile phone, on the web, in a car, on a phone or smart speaker, or for a social robot, now all your interactions can benefit from the insights only our internationally acclaimed speech emotion recognition technology can offer. Introduce Emotion AI for Voice through our robust, fast-evolving OliverAPI platform and leverage our off-the-shelf KPIs for unrivalled value. Take advantage of Oliver’s power to capture emotions or behaviors in your data and convert them to actionable intelligence.

Behavioral Signals Deep Learning R&D Awarded Technology

Leverage Conversational Intelligence

Introduce Emotions to your Conversational AI

Introduce Emotion AI for Voice with our robust and fast evolving OliverAPI or let us guide you through our off the shelf KPIs and integration process. Take advantage of Oliver’s power to capture emotions or behaviors in your data and convert them to actionable insights.

Our research-backed, award-winning speech analytics technology measures and quantifies human emotions and behaviors to give you credible, actionable information. Our powerful AI engine analyzes your conversations to help you achieve first call resolution, identify churn and up-sell opportunities, fill in the gaps about the buyer journey and lifecycle, improve reputation through satisfied customers, and improve the performance of sales, support, and success teams.

Discover more about the Oliver API if you’re ready for integration!

Behavioral Signals Prediction Analytics

Discover our Customized KPIs

Need help getting started? Our customized range of KPIs, like agent performance score, agent/customer matching, propensity to buy, or sales enablement and customer satisfaction could be what you need. Discover, with our guidance, how you can apply emotion AI and behavioral signal processing on your conversations —calls, meetings, and all recorded interactions— to measure and improve performance, satisfaction, and predict intent.

Ask us, today, how we can help you step-by-step to leverage your data and deliver actionable insights for your business.

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Want to discover how matching the Customer to the right Representative, using their emotional and behavioral profile, can increase your revenue outcomes by 20%?

Agent Customer Match Behavioral Signals

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Behavioral Profile Pairing

So, like most companies, you have a problem matching your customers with the most suitable agents and end-up missing on revenue, customer satisfaction ratings and job satisfaction for your agents. Behavioral Profile Pairing AI can help change that effectively and fast.

Agent Customer No Match Behavioral Signals

AI can understand your agents’ strengths and the customer situations in which they thrive. AI can also understand what customers need and what their emotional and behavioral range is, and predict which agent will be a good pair for that customer. Discover more and read the Case Study for actual numbers.

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